Overview of ACHPay

ACHProcessors was started as a part of an international provider of payment services and solutions. ACHProcessors have been providing ACH processing services since 2008. We are a third party ACH processor who works in collaboration with ODFI which is based across US and territories that come under the US. They work to provide a full-service ACH processing to merchants based in US spread over many different industries and sectors.

What Does ACH Mean

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. These are a type of payments similar to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). These payments make the transaction of funds between US bank accounts easier than the paper-based methods that are traditionally used. This method of completing a transaction is also cheaper than the paper-based methods.

The term might seem unfamiliar to a layman but ACH processing has been around for 40 years being facilitated by the ACH network operated by Federal Reserve. This network is also regulated by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). These regulations define the ways according to which interbank electronic payments are completed for the depositary financial institutions that are part of the network.

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Apart from being much less expensive, ACH processing has many other benefits that make it a much better option as compared to traditional payment methods like paper-based checks and credit or debit cards. Following are the many benefits that can be enjoyed using ACH processing:

  • Get paid faster
  • Convenience for both consumers and companies
  • Increase the number of customers and add customers that were previously unable to use your services due to payment options. There are 10 million US consumers who don’t have a credit card
  • There is a much higher risk of identity theft using checks. ACH processing provides better security to consumers
  • Only one-time authorization is required and all future payments will require no more confirmation. Therefore, ACH processing is very convenient
  • It is not uncommon that credit cards and other traditional payment methods have higher transaction costs. ACH processing has low transactional costs
  • Paper checks can take up to 5 working days to get cleared. ACH processing allows account holders to access their funds much more quickly


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