About Us

About Us

Our team specialises in providing alternative payment methods as a solution to problems faced due to traditional payment methods. These solutions provide leverage to its Universal Electronic Payment system (UEPS) or use the proprietary mobile technologies provided by it. The company is a market leader in the field of payment processors in South Africa and Korea.

ACHProcessors does not only provide ACH processing solution but also has strong strategic relationships with many iPSP operators that are situated across the globe. This allows an integration of merchants on a worldwide basis in which many different payment solutions are utilised through a single API integration.

Solutions Provided by ACHProcessors

Credit or Debit Card Acquiring

We were established in 2006 and since then it has offered a variety of payment solutions. The credit and debit card acquiring is one of these payment solutions. We own a payment switch that is supported by PCI DSS Level 1. This switch is connected to various processing institutions and banks across Australia, Asia, Africa, China and Europe where web merchants are offered online payment solutions such as MasterCard, Visa and China UnionPay cards.

ACH Processing

We took control of Tin16Datenverarbeitungs, AG in 2008. This company was incorporated in Vienna where they had their own ACH processing in-house facility. They had a processing agreement with the Deutsche Bank Americas.

We are a third party processor and works in direct contact with various ODFI which are based in the US and territories that are considered under the US. The company is providing the ACH processing services to a significant number of merchants across the US in many industries and sectors.

Issuing of a Prepaid Card

We have expanded our payment solutions when they started issuing prepaid cards in November 2011. These prepaid cards could be used for buying products across the international market.

Enhanced Technical Capabilities

Our team is highly skilled and professional in dealing with high volume and secure transactional processing systems. The team also specialises in consultation and providing more technology solutions to their clients that are required within the payment space.

Our IT team is a collection of professional people who are experts in various disciplines and are strong system engineers in the fields of Java, Python, PHP and .Net. They can also expertly work with UNIX, Microsoft Windows Server, cisco, Oracle and SQL server technologies. The transactional systems developed by us are fully supported by PCI DSS Level 1 and utilise Oracle 10 or 11g and are combined with major database technologies like the MS SQL and PostGresSQL.

We adopted a flexible developmental approach towards software creation and focus on a scrum project management approach which ensures that whatever systems, applications or software that is created by them have the best quality possible. The team responsible for development is also supported by 10 quality assurance engineers, 3 project managers and a business analyst as well.

Getting started with our ACH processing solution is easy, and starts with getting in touch with us.